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I was almost pain free...

"I had been suffering with debilitating lower back pain after a soft tissue injury for 4 years when a friend recommended me to Howard. He got to the root of the problem straight away and after the first treatment I was almost pain free. After six treatment sessions and Howard's management programme, I am now able to participate fully in all my activities."
Jillian Howarth, Peterborough


Regular sessions have prevented real problems...

"I have been regularly visiting Howard for sports massage/injury prevention and would highly recommend his practice. He has not only helped me recover from hard training blocks, but he has also successfully worked on my areas of weakness. Over the time, Howard has dealt with the few injuries I have sustained very effectively, and I really believe that regular sessions have prevented these from becoming real problems."
Felicity Hart (Professional Triathlete), Grantham

Howard has become such an important part of my life...

"I have been road running now for over 25-years and the older I get the more often my body seems to break, and that’s why Howard has become such an important part of my life!  Prior to visiting Howard for the first time back in Oct 2004 I had been treated by a number of different physio’s but never with any great success. What has always impressed me most about Howard is his ability to look, listen and learn.  From this he is able to “suss out your problem” even before his healing hands have made contact with your ailing limbs.
In July 2008 I suffered the worst injury I have had over the years and yet again Howard was able to tell, almost immediately that this was serious and would require specialist equipment to determine the extent of my injury. Thanks to a letter written by Howard, a very supportive Doctor (who is also a runner) and a scan I was diagnosed as needing keyhole surgery on my left knee. After 6-months recovery I am how making a slow return to running with Howard’s assistance.  I can best compare Howard as one of those special breed of motor mechanics who does not need high tech diagnostic equipment – he can fix the fault on your car simply by listening to the engine running!”
Gary Thurogood (Yaxley Runners), Peterborough

I have been delighted to resume my chosen activities...

"Over the last few years, Howard has treated me for three separate sports related injuries. He has been extremely thorough in his efforts to diagnose the problems accurately, and has been able to ease my discomfort with appropriate treatments. As well as that, he has taught me a programme of exercises to correct the problem that caused the injury in the first place, and prevent it from reccurring. I have been delighted to be able to resume my chosen activities without pain. I recommend Howard to anyone who tells me they have an injury problem.
Mary Henchy, Peterborough


My knee is now pain-free...

I went to Howard initially for treatment of a long term lower back complaint. This has improved significantly since Howard has worked on it. Early in 2010, I also twisted my knee, which I thought would be difficult to put right. After trying various treatments, Howard hit upon a different solution which solved the problem. The knee is now pain free. If he can now sort out my shoulder, I will write an even longer testimonial! I have no hesitation in recommending Howard and you don't need to be a sport fanatic either.
Alex Van Straubenzee, Grantham


Managed to relieve the pain completely...

I injured my shoulder playing rugby in April and have spent the last few months in constant pain, four sessions with Howard have solved it. He understood the issue within the first 20 minutes and then using "mobilisation" techniques managed to relieve the pain completely. He's now given me a series of exercises to repeat to help strengthen my shoulder going forward.
David Dews, Stamford Rugby Club


I am back training ahead of schedule...

As a fellow Sports Therapist and former student of Howard’s, it gives me great pleasure to give this testimonial! As a high level footballer, I began to suffer debilitating groin pain over the course of a rigorous pre-season training schedule, unable to examine and treat my own body effectively, I turned to a number of local physiotherapist’s who were unable to help. After nearly 6 months of pain and frustration on the sidelines and a number of other failed treatments (including a number of painful injections!) I decided to look up a genuine and trusted expert – Howard Piccaver! Within one session Howard (as he always does) made me feel completely at ease as he went about a thorough examination and assessment on my back, hips and groin. Within an hour he had identified contributing issues which other’s had failed to even look for and provided a thorough explanation of the problem. He also took the time to explain in depth the long road ahead that I faced to get back playing in order to both prepare and motivate me for the extensive rehabilitation that lied ahead. I have been travelling to see Howard from Northamptonshire on a weekly/2 weekly basis for 4 months now and thanks to his fantastic knowledge of human anatomy & physiology coupled with a superb practical approach, I am back training ahead of schedule and am completely pain free! Not only that, I firmly believe Howard has returned me to my sport in even better shape! Howard is a phenomenal Therapist. His patient manner and communication skills are second to none and he is able to adapt and respond to your specific needs creating instant patient trust. His treatment times are flexible and are never rushed. In a nutshell, Howard is the man! A superb Sports Therapist and a wonderful human being!
Stuart Turner, Northampton

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